Perfect Wood

Perfect Wood, a new innovation of interior design, encapsulates the unique attributes of natural wood with impeccable details where traces of nature find their way into the design. The realistic visuals and touch of our Synchronous Panel come with the convenience of installation and maintenance as well, all the while offering endless aesthetic details within interior spaces, truly satisfying every demand in terms of both the form and function of today’s users.

The Strengths of Synchronous Panel

  • Realistic natural wooden texture.
  • Details of natural tactile quality and coarse texture of real wood.
  • A beauty equal to that of veneer.
  • A long life cycle and scratch-resistant quality.
  • The perfect substitute for real wood for interior decoration.

Standard Size

  • 6x8 ft. (1,830 x 2,440 mm)

Thickness on Particle Board

  • 9-38 mm

Thickness on MDF

  • 6-40 mm


  • E1, E0, SE0, HMR (V313), CARB P

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