E1 Standard - Panel Plus Low Formaldehyde Board

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Safety First is Family First

Furniture and decorations are important in home décor as they define the resident style and functionality. However, did you know that there are certain types of furniture and decorations that contain dangers where we least expect them? It is a 'formaldehyde,' a toxic substance that often releases into the air from furniture products. Prolonged exposure through inhalation could potentially have adverse effects on our health.

What is “Formaldehyde” and why should we avoid it?

Formaldehyde is, one of the form of formalin, a substance that releases into the air from furniture products and home decorations. This substance is used as component in various décor products and heavily produced in the chemical industry.

In the furniture industry, formaldehyde is used in adhesive bonding to piece furniture together as it possesses the property to bond wood and is commonly used in making particle board and plywood. It is also used as part of the surface coating of furniture and various cabinets. This substance, over time, turns into vapor and releases it into the air which becomes a significant cause of various health issues.

In Europe, standards for measuring formaldehyde levels are set to control the emission of formaldehyde and prevent harm to consumers. The "E1" standard is a global standard for furniture, ensuring it is safe for users. This differs from "E2," which indicates higher formaldehyde emissions and poses a risk to users as it exceeds the specified formaldehyde levels.

Dangers of formaldehyde: Knowing before it's too late.

The danger of formaldehyde comes from inhaling the vapor or fumes of this substance. Most of the time, we are not aware that our indoor air contains these elements, making it challenging to avoid them. Inhaling formaldehyde vapor can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, and skin or result in respiratory issues such as nasal irritation, pulmonary inflammation, and chest tightness. Prolonged or excessive inhalation may increase the risk of cancer.

Formaldehyde and how to avoid it.

Generally, newly constructed or recently renovated homes often have 5 times higher levels of formaldehyde indoors than outdoor air. Choosing furniture that meets standards is an easy way to reduce the risk associated with these substances.

Panel Plus has developed products using Air Safety Glue Technology, releasing formaldehyde within the "E1" standard, a global safety benchmark. This technology limits formaldehyde emissions to no more than 1.5 milligrams per liter, making it non-toxic to the respiratory system. It ensures a safer and more confident living environment in our homes.

Air Safety Glue Technology: The safest solution for your home

Air Safety Glue Technology: The safest solution for your home.

Panel Plus melamine faced board is a decorative innovation using Air Safety Glue Technology. This technology ensures little to no chemical residues, eliminating unpleasant odors, eye irritation, and nasal discomfort contributing to a cleaner indoor environment, promoting health and reducing the risk of cancer, making it well-suited for interior decoration.

Besides international standards that highly control the dangers of formaldehyde, we also prioritize the importance of production quality. The manufacturing process ensures refined, unique, and smooth surface boards, providing a consistent texture that mimics natural wood. This attention to detail enhances the beauty of wood patterns, making them even more charming and appealing.

Panel Plus offers a wide range of colors and patterns of melamine faced board in over 100 designs such as woodgrain, marble, textile and solid color to enhance creativity in design applications. These products, laminated particle board and medium density fibreboard, are suitable for interior decoration and built-in furniture such as kitchen cabinets and ceilings. We also offer a special board that combines both types of wood, providing resistance to high humidity making it ideal for use in kitchens or bathrooms.